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Getting Ready for 2015

2015 Season

People are starting to gear up!

We hope you had a decent break over the Christmas / New Year period. Had time to recharge after last season.

Since the end of the 2014 Winter Competitions, MatchRef has run Summer Competitions. Already some Associations are appointing Referees to their pre-season matches.

Although the year is young, we know a lot of you are already getting prepared for your winter competitions for 2015. Our Associations are already active on MatchRef, accepting new referee registrations and getting ready for the season ahead.


Great to have new associations on board.

MatchRef continues to grow. We are very pleased to welcome all our existing Associations back for 2015. It is also great to be adding a number of new Associations.

If you're not already a MatchRef association, and you're still deciding whether to come along in 2015, it's never too late. We work with you to get you up and running as quickly as possible. And we support you, right from the start, to make the most of the features offered by MatchRef to streamline referee appointments and management.

Have a look at some of MatchRef's features in the features section of the site.

New Features

There's a lot of changes to help you out even more.

During the summer we have been very busy updating MatchRef with many great new features. We will be sending out further updates in the coming weeks with more details.

Be on the lookout for :

  • Our MatchPlan interface now features immediate live update.
  • Completely streamlined grading. Set and forget.
  • Direct updates to Facebook and Twitter for news items and events.
  • A new dashboard with live allocation statistics.
  • One-Click features. Your most used processes have reduced to a single click.

We have spent considerable time further improving automated appointments. It now runs in a fraction of the time it did last season. We've added more options, and greater flexibility. With the new streamlined grading options, it means that you get an even better result, faster.

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