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Streamline Your Grading

We've created a fully customisable way to manage your referees capabilities. These can be then quickly mapped directly to a grade or grades.

Using simple One-Click interfaces you easily customise the way you allocate referees. Now you can have different appointment rules for Automatic and Manual allocations. Using this you could create different rules for Seasons and Finals, Seniors and Juniors, your Local Competition, Representative Matches, Premier Matches. It's up to you, you decide how you want to set up your allocation rules.

You can override rules for an individual referee, without creating a whole new group or panel.

These rules are set up in no time at all. Set them up at the beginning of the season, then let MatchRef do the heavy lifting for you during the season. The only reason to revisit is if you you would like to fine tune your allocation processes even further.

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