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Error Free Appointments

MatchRef gives you the power to do the bulk of your appointments automatically. This is not to say that you cannot make manual adjustments, or specific appointments.

Every time you appoint someone manually with MatchRef all relevant criteria for each referee and match are tested. You are presented with a list of referees which only contains those who satisfy all criteria.

If you had someone particular in mind to appoint and they are not in the list, MatchPlan Triage will show you why. If a referee is appointed elsewhere, out of ground zone, cannot reach the match in time, or is restricted for any one of the allocation criteria, MatchPlan will tell you, but most importantly, Triage will tell you why.

Gone are the days of selecting several referees to positions and running an update to check if they're eligible to be appointed. With MatchRef all the reasons are shown, all determined in real time for every appointment, and displayed for you in seconds.

You have ultimate control over your manual appointments. MatchRef even enables two or more people to work on the same appointments for the same day at the same time. Appointments made by other appointments officers, or the automatic allocation are updated on your screen in real time, without the need to constantly hit refresh.

Automatic or Manual - MatchRef streamlines your process, and guarantees error-free appointments.

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